Terms of Services

We are glad you are using or planning to use RentIPTV service.

By using our services you agree to our terms so please read them carefully.

About our product

RentIPTV provide iptv subscriptions at best and cheap prices. We have over 10,000+ Live channels and 40,000+ VOD.

Account Sharing

RentIPTV do not allow sharing of account. You are restricted to use 1 stream at a time with single account unless your account does not have multi-device subscription. You cannot create second account as we consider it as spam. If you are not able to follow our rules and your account gets banned then you will not longer be able to buy from us again and banned forever.

Age Restriction

You must be 18 years or older to use RentIPTV service.

Usage of service

You are not allowed to re-stream, distribute, broadcast or transmit the content via any device, software, internet or website.

Third party purchases

We do not provide support for any third party vendor dealing or payments unless you have purchased RentIPTV service direct from our website.

Quality of steam

A perfect viewing experience relies upon your network access and device capabilities. The elements will be based on your location, internet capacity, the number of devices connected to the same network, the content you have chosen, and the configuration of the device you are using. Subsequently, RentIPTV can’t make any guarantees about the content in these regards. Please note sharing a subscription will result in permanent suspension or device ban.

VPN Usage

We recommend using vpn with our service as we are privacy priority service provider and another factor is if our service is banned in your location then it will help you to view our IPTV without any restriction.

Information Accuracy

All the data you submit to our database must be accurate and updated. You are responsible for all usage of your account.

Purchase Details

In order to make a purchase, you will need to follow the ordering procedures described via the service. Pricing details for services and the procedures for payment and delivery are displayed via the service and are subject to change without notice.

Total Live Channels and Movies (VOD)

The number of channels and movies in the VOD library can be changes based on the update we do every week.

Downtime and Suspension

In the extension of our rights to end or suspend your access delineated above, you acknowledge that: your access and usage of the services might be suspended for the length of any sudden or unscheduled downtime or unavailability of any portion or all of the services for any reason.

About Terms and Conditions

We remain all rights to modify, delete or update to our terms and conditions and privacy policy at any time we need with or without notice to the client. Read our terms and conditions regularly. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions then you should stop use of our service.

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